Welcome Dr.Ado Adamou Abba Ari from Mathematics and Computer Science,Cameroon be committee member!

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Dr.Ado Adamou Abba Ari(click)

Mathematics and Computer Science,Cameroon

Research Area:

Wireless Networks, IoT, Cloud Computing, Bio-inspired computing, Artificial Intelligence

Research Experience:

Ado Adamou Abba Ari received his BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2010, the MSc degree in Computer Engineering in 2012, and the Master degree of Business Administration (MBA) in 2013 from the University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroon. He received his PhD in Computer Science in 2016 from Université Paris-Saclay in France. His current research is focused on bio-inspired computing, swarm intelligence, wireless ad hoc sensor networks, IoT and cloud computing.